Roy Gumkowski, Team Leader OHS & Injury Management
Parramatta City Council
“Move 4 Life has assisted Parramatta Council to achieve some significant results in relation to our manual handling incidents and staff engagement. Furthermore, due to Terry's personable approach it allows for effective partnerships to be created”.

Steven Leonair, National Safety, Injury & Claims Manager
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service
The feedback we have had from Move 4 Life has been overwhelmingly positive. I have had guys who have been in the industry for 20 or 30 years say that they wish they’d had this information as an apprentice so that they could have made better decisions about their movement and looking after their bodies. They were able to draw immediate benefit from what they learned in the session.
"Move 4 Life is the most engaging program I’ve ever experienced and has been endorsed by all who work at KTAS. Its holistic behavioral approach is effective in behaviour change and makes a connection with all who participate. I would recommend this program to any business tackling sprain & strain injuries that finds the traditional Manual Handling programs ineffective.”

Paul Sweatman, Marketing and Distribution Manager
"BASF Construction Chemicals at Seven Hills invited Terry Wong from Move 4 Life to give a keynote address to employees as part of our Global Safety Day activities. I am pleased to report that it was a great success. Terry actively engaged our people on movement issues that were concerning them and showed theory and practical examples of how to improve our techniques for lifting, moving, sitting etc. Terry was entertaining and we will definitely be having Move 4 Life back."

Joe Boras, National Workplace Health & Safety Manager
Costa Logistics
“The implementation of Move 4 Life program at Costa Logistics has significantly reduced a number of sprain strain injuries and premium costs. I strongly recommend the Move 4 Life program not only because of its results but because it’s a unique program that employees have adapted.”

2010 Sustainability Report
“We have spent 17,206 hours on safety training, as well as conducting programs including ‘Move 4 Life’, stay at work/return to work programs and introducing ‘Safetyopoly’ – a new game that targets safety leadership behaviours.
These initiatives have led to a reduction in our LTIFR from 11.18 in 2008/09 to 9.08 in 2009/10 – a 19 per cent reduction. The total number of injuries has also reduced from 3,010 to 2,443, a reduction of 19 per cent. A key highlight included KTAS reducing LTIFR from 18.69 to 8.41.”

John Sink, Managing Director
KMART Tyre & Auto Service
“Move 4 Life is about empowerment and influencing positive behaviour change. I would recommend Move 4 Life to any organisation that wants to challenge the "traditional" approach to manual handling and is serious about reducing sprain & strain related injuries.”
Lauren Wolfenden, HSSE Manager
Australia/NZ Castrol
“I just attended a 3 day Train the Trainer session on a ‘Manual Handling’- type training called Move 4 Life. It was the BEST ‘MH’ training I’ve ever done and I’d highly recommend that you guys have a look at it.
It’s more than just training – it’s really about how you move throughout all aspects of your life. I had shoulder pain going into the course and since I learnt some of the Move 4 Life principles, I don’t have it anymore – 3 days later! It’s been hanging around for weeks!”

Nan Austin, National Manager Work Health and Safety
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
“Move 4 Life program reminds our staff that movement outside work is just as important as work activity and the program provides them with memorable techniques and concepts that have broad application. We use the train-the-trainer methodology and Terry provides great support to keep us on track”.

Joshua Marks, Shift Supervisor.
Costa Group Ltd
The Move 4 Life program is the best manual handling injury prevention system I've seen in logistics. Not only was it very interesting to participate in, it was great to see that someone has taken all the problems with antiquated systems like, 'keep your back straight and bend your knees' and made sense of how things are really done. I'm excited to have this knowledge and look forward to seeing the impact I know it will have in manual handling environments”.

Neil Hannotte, HSSE Specialist

“ALMC has seen a 30% decrease in sprain & strain injuries in the first year of the Move 4 Life program being implemented (2012). This trend is continuing in 2013, and we have seen a greater percentage reduction in number of injuries that resulted from lifting and handling.

The Coaching is a critical part of the implementation that really embeds the principles into the workplace.

We chose to use Move 4 Life Trainers for 3 reasons… their experience, the credibility they have with our employees and for consistency across the country.

At all the facilities the training has been very well received. A number of employees at each site have stated it was one of the best training sessions that they have attended. The employees find it very practical and simple principles that can be applied.”

James Dangers, WHS Officer
Bega Valley Shire Council

“The Train-the-Trainer element of the course will fit best with us – training at BVSC can be hard to deliver and organise due to the diversity of our workforce. The Move 4 Life program will offer us a little more flexibility and the chance to do the training in the workplace or on the job rather than in a classroom away from the worksite.

Secondly it has enabled us to up skill our workforce by providing opportunities for the selected staff to train their peers – this helps develop confidence, leadership and teamwork.

Another aspect is that once delivered there are opportunities for ongoing coaching in the workplace to ensure the skills passed on are kept in people’s minds”.

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