Does getting older mean you are more likely to get injured?

Written by Terry Wong



Safework Australia reports (see ref below) that as the workforce ages, there is a significant increase in the injury rate for serious musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

The 50–54 year age bracket is 180% more likely to suffer a significant MSD than their 25–29 year old counterparts.injuries with age 1112x633

As the average age of the Australian workforce climbs we can expect a growth in type rate of MSD claims unless we do something about it.

A customer recently summed it up:

"The average age of our workforce will be over 45 years in the next two years - we have a tsunami of claims is coming if we don't do something about it".

The question is, does this graph look similar to your company's?

And more importantly, what can we do about it?


Ref.: Statistics on Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder

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Terry Wong

Terry Wong

Terry Wong is General Manager of Move 4 Life, the benchmark in preventing sprain and strain injuries and future-proofing an ageing workforce. Move 4 Life helps companies send employees home to their families safely each day.

A Physiotherapist by-trade, Terry has spent the last 14 years in workplace rehabilitation, occupational health, injury-prevention and training. He has held a position as Chair of the Occupational Health Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is widely published on these subjects.

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