MOVE Survey - your Sedentary Index and Strain Index and why they matter

Written by Terry Wong


There is a growing mountain of evidence of the adverse health effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Sitting too much – commuting, at work, at home – is killing us.

But, how can we make people aware of just how sedentary their lifestyle has become?

And, how do we find out the severity, frequency, bodily location and impact of ache, strain and pain amongst your employees as a leading indicator of likely future sprain and strain injuries?

Our MOVE Survey combines these issues and creates a very simple Index approach to benchmarking within your organisation and amongst our national database of thousands of responses.

The MOVE Survey will measure your ...

SEDENTARY INDEX – your health risks based on how sedentary your lifestyle is. 

Given the overwhelming evidence that a sedentary lifestyle has very harmful effects, measuring how sedentary you are will provide you with valuable insight to take action.

STRAIN INDEX – your risk associated with the aches, strain & pain you experience.

The location, severity, frequency and impact of your aches and pains all indicate how much you need to do to address it. The average Australian Strain Index score is 43/100. How do you compare? 

  move survey sedentary index


In 3 minutes you can complete your MOVE Survey.

A report with your Sedentary and Strain Index will arrive in your inbox soon after ... providing some valuable insight and some suggestions on what to do about it!

Want to measure it across your organisation?

As part of our commitment to this issue, and with our automated data collection system, we are able to administer our MOVE Survey across your organisation, and report your results compared to our national database, with our compliments.

Looking for a solution to this problem?

If you are looking for a solution to your organisation's sedentary habits and impact of ache, sprains & strains on your workforce, implementing the Move 4 Life SYSTEM might be the response you are looking for.

Get in touch for a discussion about whether we may be a good fit for your organisation.

About the Author

Terry Wong

Terry Wong

Terry Wong is General Manager of Move 4 Life, the benchmark in preventing sprain and strain injuries and future-proofing an ageing workforce. Move 4 Life helps companies send employees home to their families safely each day.

A Physiotherapist by-trade, Terry has spent the last 14 years in workplace rehabilitation, occupational health, injury-prevention and training. He has held a position as Chair of the Occupational Health Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is widely published on these subjects.

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