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Welnis Activate is a collaboration that helps Welnis clients maximise the return on their interior fitout investment. Welnis is focused on interiors and the built environment and ensures that wellness elements and protocols are at the forefront of design and construction to enhance human health and wellbeing.

welnis activate poweredby m4l


Clients see a real return on their investment in the wellbeing of their employees – increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and a more engaged and motivated workforce.


Move 4 Life helps Welnis clients maximise that return on investment by helping employees move more, move better.

The Move 4 Life SYSTEM is the benchmark in preventing ache, strain and pain and future-proofing an ageing workforce.

Welnis has partnered with Move 4 Life to create Welnis Activate and is offering the opportunity for existing customers and contacts to have an early exposure to what is a market-leading collaboration.

Move 4 Life’s partnership with Welnis launches an office version of the benchmark sprain and strain injury prevention system that for more than 10 years has been helping employees move with less ache, strain and pain.

Dozens of Move 4 Life’s customers have used the system in their office environments and, as a result of the positive feedback, Move 4 Life has now created a dedicated office SYSTEM.

The Move 4 Life SYSTEM is built around the foundation MOVE Training – a three hour, face-to-face program that helps people make their own decisions about how to move more, move better.

Leadership and coaching and various supporting strategies round out the SYSTEM which has a dramatic effect in improving long-term employee wellbeing.>

Move 4 Life can future-proof an ageing workforce and is a comprehensive response to the issues of the sedentary office environment.

MOVE Training is a highly practical movement-oriented program – there is no power-point presentation or video to watch and no test at the end. Participants identify how to make their own decisions about how to move better (ie. with less ache, strain and pain) and take away useable tips on how to move more.

Welnis Activate, powered by Move 4 Life, will boost the return on investment of any interior fitout and is another example of the innovative and value-adding services that Welnis brings to its office environment consulting.



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