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Managing manual handling risks is an essential part of creating a safe work environment. Whether it’s a change in process, the introduction of new equipment or simply identifying a risk a specialist set of eyes often provides objective and practical advice and recommendations. Our work across all major industries has enabled us to develop a well-resourced set of innovative solutions to common and not-so-common manual handling problems.

Our expertise is commonly utilised in projects that involve:

  • Equipment recommendations
  • Task analysis
  • Review of Safe Work Method Statements / Safe Operating Procedures
  • Manual Handling
  • Risk Assessments Ergonomic Assessments

We also run dedicated Manual Handling Risk Assessment and Office Workstation Risk Assessment Programs to teach your WHS people to conduct these type of assessments effectively.

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How to do
office workstation
risk assessments


Neck and shoulder discomfort, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome are all too common experiences of people who work in office environments.

The most common cause?
The set-up of their workstation.

This course is designed to give assessors the practical skills to perform ergonomic assessments of office workstations.

To conduct them efficiently and confidently, assessors will learn what to look for, how to make modifications and what recommendations are appropriate. Move 4 Life has developed a user-friendly assessment system to ensure the process is seamless, easy to understand and, most importantly, effective.

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How to do
manual handling
risk assessments


Engaging employees to conduct Manual Handling Risk Assessments is a key part of eliminating sprain and strain injuries. Move 4 Life teaches a participatory ergonomics approach and goes beyond the generic tick & flick style of risk assessments.

Participants will learn how to identify high-risk manual handling hazards and then engage with employees, supervisors, operations managers and safety professionals to develop and implement solutions.

Move 4 Life has reviewed and refined the most user-friendly risk assessment tools to ensure the process is seamless, easy to understand and effective. All templates and worked examples will be provided in your Toolkit.

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