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MOVE® Training [Office]


The evidence1 is in: sitting is bad for us. The New York Times article “Sit Less, Live Longer?”2 set out the research proving the significant health impacts of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Given that the office environment is the place where most of this sitting happens, having a strategy to combat these ill effects is a must for every workplace.

  1. ‘Stand up for Health – avoiding sedentary behaviour might lengthen your telomeres: secondary outcomes from a physical activity RCT in older people’; British Journal of Sports Medicine,; 3 September 2014.
  2. “Sit Less, Live Longer?”; New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds, 17 September 2014

MOVE® Training [office] will highlight the issues within your organisation and help your employees to build practical, effective and sustainable strategies for change.



MOVE® Training [office] is a genuinely innovative approach that takes the core movement principles of our benchmark manual handling training program and tailors them for those working in an office environment or a sedentary role.

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