Project Description

Costa Logistics

The critical success factor was using the Train-the-Trainer system.

Peter Waldron – National Logistics Manager

I started working here at the Eastern Creek DC back in 2006. The work we’re doing is picking and packing, warehousing work. We had a number of back injuries, shoulder injuries, sprains and strains, that type of injuries coming through.

We were hoping Move 4 Life would allow us to reduce those injuries that we’re experiencing by making the workforce a little bit more conscious of what they’re doing and putting a bit of structure around our manual handling techniques.

It wasn’t just a manual handling program. It was much broader than that.

Rather than a prescriptive program of telling them exactly what they should be doing, it’s more about allowing them to learn how they can use their bodies in some of the things that they may be doing, some of the habits that they may have developed, which may not be the best techniques.

The critical success factor was using the Train-the-Trainer system. Our two trainers on-site, Wade and Craig, have both been pickers within the warehouse.

We’ve seen that it has translated well into the actual activity that people undertake on the floor.

The reduction in injuries alone we’ve had would have paid for the Move 4 Life system that we’ve implemented. The investment that we’ve made in our people through Move 4 Life has definitely been a worthwhile investment from my perspective. It’s allowed us to engage with the workforce a lot more closely on any other safety initiatives that we’ve got. Move 4 Life has given us a platform that we’ve been able to use to sort of build for other safety programs as well.

Wade Stevens – Site Trainer

I’d definitely recommend Move 4 Life. It’s changed me as a trainer, as a person, and it’s also changed our DC. In the beginning, I could never put two words together. I would not be able to stand up in front of people and deliver the program. Now I’m very confident. I can actually stand up in front of people, deliver the Move 4 Life, and to tell you the truth, I’m a better person for it. I use it at work at home. It’s changed my whole life. I’d love it to be out in the community because I think a lot of people would benefit from it.

Craig Vanderlaak – Site Trainer

Throughout the session you see a little light bulb tick – “ah, this stuff actually really works”. All the employees really get into it. I think anyone that gets a chance to participate in Move 4 Life should take that up.

Most employees tell us that it wasn’t what they expected. It’s something that they can use in the workplace but also within the home environment as well.

We’ve found the feedback we’ve got from our employees is that the way that the training comes across is very much empowering them to learn about their bodies, and that’s what we think is one of the key reasons why it’s been as successful as it has been for us. It’s an investment in your people and I would recommend Move 4 Life to other companies. It’s definitely beneficial. We’ve certainly seen a return on our investment.