Project Description

Kelly Hobson

Health & Return to Work Coordinator – UGL

It’s changing the way I move, even without thinking about it.  I’m pain free.

I’d say I’m probably as healthy as I’ve ever been. I feel really good and really fit, really healthy. I run a lot and that’s all I do, I just run—I don’t do any other form of exercise—and as a result I tend to get repetitive overuse-type injuries including my lower back.

I probably spend 50% of my time at a desk and 50% walking around on the shop floor and I could still feel that back pain when I was walking around. I was starting to get worried about it because it was there constantly day to day. It was like that niggle that just wouldn’t go away.

After I did the Move 4 Life training, I suddenly stopped getting back pain. I haven’t changed my running routine, haven’t changed anything else, and that’s the only thing I can attribute it to because it’s the only thing I’ve changed in my daily routine. I’m pain-free, essentially, so it’s fantastic.

I think about the way I move and how I’m doing things. Whether I’m at home weeding in the garden or playing with my 3-year old on the floor, I’m squatting more than what I would be kneeling or sitting. It’s changing the way I move without even thinking about it. MOVE Training for me is about getting older but being able to keep up with my little ones and do it well.

UPDATE … 12 months on

A year on I’m still running as much as I ever was and I’m still pain-free… and I’m still doing the 60-second Investment at least six or seven times a day with the crew out here in the toolbox talks and at home as well. I’m still running a lot and I’m not doing any other training or any other form of exercise. Nothing’s really changed in the past year except, as I said, I’m still pain-free, which is the main thing.

I’m six months pregnant now and back pain is commonly associated with pregnant women, and I’m still doing the 60-second Investment six or seven times a day, probably more, and I’m still pain-free. MOVE Training for me is about empowering people around me, my friends and my family and my work colleagues, and giving them some knowledge and understanding and hoping I can help them with some of their pain.

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