Project Description


MOVE Training is probably one of the best things you can do for your body.

Sean Taylor, CEO

I think the Move 4 Life program is excellent because it’s really practical. Our people are very important to us. So, we want them to be fit, happy and enjoy coming to work. And we don’t want people to be injured at work.

Alison Stewart, National HSE Manager

The Move 4 Life training is not what you expect from a manual handling training program. It’s fun, it’s delivered with a sense of humour, and it gets people involved. We got exceptional feedback from everyone involved. They took it home to their families, they’re teaching their families how to move safer, and more efficiently, and it’s working really well. This is a long-term journey for us, and we’re just at the beginning, which is really exciting. I’m sure we’re going to improve people’s health and wellbeing way into the future.

Kathy Ellison, HSE Manager

It’s a game changer. It provides people with the understanding of their body, how it actually works. They’ve loved it. Very common comments of “it’s the best we’ve ever had”, “I actually learned something from this.” Simple things for everyone to remember and take home to our families as well. It’s not just at work. It’s about preventing injuries for your body, for the rest of your life really. MOVE Training is a way to understand your body, to understand how it works, and how to prevent yourself from getting hurt in the future.

Richard Finch, Trade Assistant

It not only shows you how to do it, but why you should do it. And in practice it works really well. I’ve been practicing it the last couple of days. It works beautifully. It was quite a surprise. I’m 54 years old, so I ache a bit at the end of a day, and I notice that it takes the ache out. It’s not quite as hard at the end of the day, and I can almost touch my toes again. MOVE Training is something you should do as you get older, simply so you can still move when you get old.

Michael Hall, National Project Manager, Mining

The training I found extremely informative. I would strongly recommend that everyone in Komatsu attend MOVE Training. MOVE Training is probably one of the best things you can do for your body, regardless of what job you’re in, or your age, or your gender.