Project Description

Tracey Johnson

Postal Services Office – Australia Post

I’m pain free so, it’s great. It’s like a gift for someone at my age.

The strain in my back was a continuous thing on a daily basis because I’m lifting every day. If I sat or stood or if I got out of bed, I could feel the pain. And then I would start doing parcels, I’d feel that pain. And once I started doing the 60-second Investment, it stopped. It really did. I’m pain-free, so it’s great.

I can now get in my car without any pain. That used to be really difficult because the pain was all in my left hip area. I don’t have any trouble with it anymore and I can lift without any pain. So, it’s great. I was always worried that it was going to progress to get worse.
I seriously was worried. Once I’d done MOVE Training it changed the whole situation for me. It makes me think twice about everything I’m doing now, the way I lift and bend. So it’s been great for me. I’m grateful to Australia Post for giving us this. It’s like a gift for someone at my age. MOVE Training is a way of life.

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