Project Description

Bega Cheese Limited

So many people who have done Move 4 Life say ‘why wasn’t I taught this 20 years ago?

Matthew Fanning, NSW OHS & Workers Compensation Manager

We’re ten years down the track. We absolutely know that things like our lost time frequency rate, our severity rate, our worker’s compensation premiums, have all gone in the right direction. Big time! Our worker’s compensation premium has dropped from 7% of our wages, to about 1%.
Equally, if not more important to us of course has been the fact that we don’t have the human cost of debilitating injuries which some of those issues or chronic injuries were.
Move 4 Life has transformed a number of our employees and is highly regarded within our business as a really fine initiative that engenders a good spirit in the organisation.
It’s not a huge amount of money for the return that we believe we get from it. It’s one of our better efficiencies that we gain in terms of value for money so it’s been a winner!
It creates a lot of goodwill because the company’s investing in a program that is pretty holistic in looking after an employee, not just at work. And they enjoy it. Some of our people have gone home and they share it with their family and their kids and that’s nice too. The leverage and the value that we get from it is probably not really reflective of the modest amount that we need to invest.

Mary Rankin, Human Resources Manager

After 10 years we’ve saturated our 750 employees with Move 4 Life. It’s something that sinks into their brain. We’ve got notifications around the walls about Move 4 Life and they run the 60-second Investment at line meetings so we’re forever reminding people about it. So many people who have done Move 4 Life say ‘why wasn’t I taught this 20 years ago?’

Tracey Heywood, Employee Support Officer & MOVE Trainer

I like seeing people’s faces when they’re new and they have no idea what Move 4 Life is and again they’re skeptical, saying ‘sure, sure, another 3 hours or boringness’ but by the end, they go ‘that was fantastic’ ‘that was really, really good and it was just how you gelled it all together, what you said at the beginning and how it made sense at the end’ it was just like…yep!

David Cliff, Maintenance Fitter

My flexibility was very limited, and I was working here and got sent on the Move 4 Life program it’s a tremendous improvement on your life. It’s amazing how it does help. I felt the improvement, and I was coming to work and I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t sore. And that’s the main thing. Especially when you get to the stage now where you’re getting old and your body is getting old you know, it needs all the help it can get.