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The Move 4 Life System

A comprehensive suite of training and consulting services that will dramatically reduce the risk, incidence and severity of sprain & strain injuries in any manual handling environment and build physical resilience in an ageing or sedentary workforce.

Move® Training

Helping people to move better leading to reduce ache, strain and pain and improved quality of life.

Move® Train-the-trainer

MOVE Training with an emphasis on helping office-based employees

Move® Coaching

Supporting behaviour change through one-on-one coaching in applying MOVE Training

Move® Champions

Empowering frontline leaders helping to embed change in the workplace culture

Move® Leaders

Engaging and assisting business leaders in implementing Move 4 Life in their location

Move® Risk

Specialist consulting advice on all aspects of manual handling risk


We use traditional and new technology platforms to deliver a customised set of sustainability strategies to ensure long term return on investment.

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The most comprehensive, sustainable and effective approach to implementing Move 4 Life is to bring it in-house.

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Employee Stories

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  • Tracey Johnson

    Australia Post

    “I’m pain free so it’s great. It’s like a gift for someone at my age. MOVE Training is a way of life.”


Business Leader Stories

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  • Mark Haley

    Border Express

    "It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it engages people in a totally different way around manual handling."


Company Stories

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  • Colgate-Palmolive

    "I’ve really seen the improvements. I’m very passionate about the program because I’m 100% convinced that it works and it works extremely well."


Our Customers

Over almost 20 years we have worked with hundreds of companies. This is just a small selection.


  • I was living with pain at about an 8/10 severity and was told I would need surgery. 4 months after Move 4 Life I was no longer taking medication and now I’m pain free!

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  • Safety innovation through Positive Deviance

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