Project Description

David Cliff

Maintenance Fitter, Bega Cheese

I felt the improvement … I was coming to work and I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t sore.

When I started work here I hadn’t worked for seven years, in any sort of role, for any length of time, so my flexibility was very limited.

I was working here and got sent on the ‘Move 4 Life’ program. I found it very helpful. One of the moves I really found great was the Flat-footed Squat. Now one of the problems I was having apart from my basic flexibility was I suffered from sciatica and it used to lay me up tremendously. Since doing that Flat-footed Squat, I’ve only had sciatica twice in five years, and that’s a tremendous plus.

I felt the improvement. It’s like anything, when you feel the improvement, it’s like riding a push bike – you can get yourself to go longer and further and longer. You enjoy it more because it’s not hurting. You can just keep going, and that’s what happened, that’s how I felt about it. And I was coming to work and I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t sore. That’s the main thing.

Do it. Do it, and keep doing it, because you’ve got to do it all the time. You’ve got to get better at it, get your body tuned into it, and just keep doing it. Because it’s amazing how it does help you, especially when you get to the stage where you’re getting old and your body is getting old. It needs all the help it can get.

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