Project Description

Gavin Harris

CEO, UGL-Unipart Joint Venture

… people are getting injured less. I’m very confident that it’s down to the Move 4 Life.

We do heavy maintenance on Sydney Trains older sets. We do a lot of component heavy maintenance, bogie overhaul, wheel overhauls.

A lot of lifting, pulls of arm muscles, a lot of back and shoulder injuries.

We obviously want to see fewer injuries. I want to see people come and go from work without being injured. That’s my number one priority.

Working with the Move 4 Life group has been fantastic.

First and foremost, people are getting injured less. They’re using the techniques.

I have seen lower numbers of strain injuries come through our statistics.

I’m very confident that it’s down to the Move 4 Life.

We’ve had some excellent feedback from the frontline guys.

They are seeing less stress on their body. I’ve had guys come to me and say, “I haven’t felt this good in ages working in heavy industry.”

We’re getting more productivity out of people. If people are not as sore or not as fatigued, they just naturally work more.

People are being more aware of the importance of their own ownership of safety.
I think they’ve realised that this is something that they can take home, they can use it in everything that they do and I think that’s been one of the main reasons why we’ve had such good feedback from our frontline.

We’re at the start of an engagement journey and that’s really helped us – it’s been a vehicle for us to get moving on it.

It’s not just a safety initiative, it’s a lifestyle initiative. From that perspective we see an added benefit of greater engagement in the workforce.

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