Project Description

Maria Stirling

Safety Manager, Australia Post – Community & Consumer

Our people are moving all day long – lifting and carrying parcels and packages for our customers, not to mention moving around our counters. Sprain and strain injuries are our biggest risk and cost – in people and dollar terms.

Thinking about the issues of an ageing workforce and Australia Post’s commitment to supporting our employees’ physical and mental health, we knew that we needed to try something different to combat the effects of physically demanding work. We’re also interested in our employees’ wellbeing when they leave work, so we wanted something transferrable from work to home.

Last year we commenced a major partnership with Move 4 Life. Every employee who works in an Australia Post retail outlet will be included in a MOVE Training session this year.

Move 4 Life is a behavioural change program that provides options for moving in ways that help reduce ache, strain and pain on our bodies. Whilst people often find it difficult to change the way they do things, we’ve received really positive feedback from across the network. Move 4 Life is a fun, interactive experience that is extremely practical for everyday life. As everyone’s body is different, this program allows us to make our own choices, rather than following set rules that apply to everyone.

Many of our people have told us that it’s been a life changing experience. They are using what they have learned at work, home and play. They’re also having fewer aches, strain and pain as a result. Some have also said that it’s extending their longevity in their jobs.

We’re proud that we are making a significant investment in the wellbeing of our people and it is paying back many times over! We want people to be safe at work and Move 4 Life is central to our focus on that.

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